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Construction Surveys

Factoring in that most construction projects or development enterprises can be as diverse and elaborate as the land in which it’s being affected upon is, it’s in the best interest of the investor, project management team, and developer to be on the same page throughout the project’s entirety. How this is often best achieved is through surveying each phase or stage of the development/construction project and notating milestones, setbacks, and areas/aspects available for improvement.

Resource Surveys

Commissioning a resource survey prior to developing a plot or parcel of land is always recommended as a means to avoid disputes regarding resource rights, such as those granted to titleholders lands who enjoy natural resources. (Including, but not limited to, water, gas, oil, minerals, agriculture, flora, and fauna.) Furthermore, with the advancements in technology and innovation soaring to such unprecedented heights, the right(s) to certain terrain features used to economize solar, wind, or geothermal occurrences is an aspect of a development project that is often overlooked or underappreciated until the proprietary dispute is well underway.

Quantitative Surveys

For favorable outcomes to be achieved during every aspect or stage of a development/construction project, especially those which are large-scaled or multi-faceted, it’s imperative to maintain visibility, organization, and efficiency regarding the materials, equipment, and machinery that is being used to develop the land, parcel, or plot. Keeping an up-to-date inventory as well as an accurate account of material placement is also ideal because it enables all parties involved in the development process to have complete transparency regarding the progression of the development project.

Property Platting

Planning a property’s layout, (otherwise known as property platting) can often be an exciting, if painstaking, endeavor for nearly all parties involved; regardless of the experience or efficacy of the planners, surveyors, developers, or management team(s). Factoring in the overall layout and design of the property as well as the placement of utility lines, boundary thresholds, and easement avenues are but a few of the many intrinsic variables involved with developing a property or parcel of land.


Surveying a subdivision requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail, familiarity with local terrain, as well as a level of aptitude and efficacy that can only really be commissioned through a trained, licensed professional land surveyor. When one considers the innate complexity that can often be associated with surveying a single plot or parcel of land (let alone several, all with unique designs, features, and layouts), it’s easy to see why obtaining an industry-standard survey is not only recommended but actually a requirement in many counties.

Topographical Surveys

By and large, a topographical survey can provide a development project with a wealth of invaluable insight towards the mapping, design, and layout phase of the aforementioned development project; the property’s overall scale, dimension, or size notwithstanding. Measuring the “lay of the land” in order to ascertain what inherent obstacles, challenges, or potential setbacks the parcel/land may offer during the building aspect of a developmental project is but one of the many benefits of commissioning a professional topographical survey prior to initiating any actual construction.

Boundary Surveys

Establishing a parcel/property boundary (or property line) is fundamental towards the success of any development project, property improvement endeavor, or land augmentation because it sets parameters for not only the property being developed but also the surrounding land, parcels, and/or plots as well. With that being said, it’s always in the developers’ best interest to enlist the surveying expertise of a proven surveying contractor to deduce exactly where one property/parcel ends and the other begins.

Land Title Surveys

Surveying a property, parcel, or acreage for a land title is often a very extensive process that is necessary for insurance purposes regarding most land transactions or the transferring of a property’s deed. Furthermore, in order for a parcel of land or acreage of property to be adequately insured and approved for transferring/transitioning, there are several key factors that must be determined beforehand: property lines, allotment boundaries, improvement potentialities, and easement stipulations.

Land Surveying

By skirting the property line as well as meandering through the expanse between the perimeters of the parcel, our teams of land surveying specialists are able to accumulate a tremendous amount of pertinent data that is used during the design, construction, and eventual upkeep of a “developed property.” This can include notating key organic features such as groves, thickets, or areas of dense vegetation as well as documenting important scaped landmarks such as mineral deposits, underground aquifers or springs, as well as natural resource deposits (oil, gas, etc).

Aerial Surveying

Our aerial surveying services incorporate drones, ultra-definition cameras, and state-of-the-art technology that utilizes LIDA, gamma, infrared, UV, and remote sensory software to depict a stunningly accurate “birds-eye” view of the parcel or property in question. By combining the data obtained from an aerial survey with any information gathered during a traditional or more commonplace terrestrial or land survey, a very in-depth and informative layout can be rendered and later submitted for development.

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